Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Triton?

Triton is a dedicated business consulting firm that offers multiple fund sourcing solutions to small business owners. What distinguishes Triton is our vast experience in the franchise industry and our ability to provide customized services.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs buy new franchises and grow their existing franchise businesses. Our innovative and systematic approach reduces the paperwork and time required to get funding for a franchise.

2. How long has Triton been in business?

Triton began operating in 2011. Our executive team and affiliates have over a decade of experience in the franchise industry. All come from Fortune 20 companies or are military veterans. Our combined experience has enabled Triton to provide not only the best training program in the industry, but our in-house financing sets us apart from other alternative lenders.

3. What is a Certified Franchise Advisor?

A Certified Franchise Advisor (CFA) is an independent business owner who provides sound, ethical franchise consulting services to investors, helping them select and purchase the best franchise for them.

4. Will Triton help me develop a marketing plan?

Yes, one of our franchise specialists will assist CFAs with a personalized marketing plan that fits their newly formed franchise consulting company’s long-term goals.

5. How do Certified Franchise Advisors find leads?

Our franchise specialists work with each CFA to help them understand how to generate successful leads. Triton’s program is designed to put each CFA in the very best position to find the right leads and close deals as quickly as possible.

6. What franchise opportunities does Triton provide to prospective franchisees?

Triton has access to franchise opportunities across many industries. Our goal is to make sure prospective franchisees achieve financial success by investing in the best franchise option for them.

7. Does Triton also provide financing for additional franchise start-up capital besides the cost of the franchise?

Yes, Triton offers financing options based on the prospective franchisee’s needs and qualifications.

8. Do I need sales experience?

No sales experience is required to be a Certified Franchise Advisor. As a CFA, you must be able to learn and follow a proven system, be well-organized, possess good analytical and communication skills, and have a desire to help others achieve their goals.

9. Will I have to travel?

CFAs facilitate the relationship between the client and other parties during the purchase transaction. Depending on the client’s location, this may include some travel with the client to preview franchise opportunities. Still, only CFAs who choose to work with out-of-state or international clients will need to travel.

10. How and when does my new CFA business earn money?

We have established two ways that your business can make money by using our program:

  • Once the client has executed the contract to buy the franchise and pays all associated fees, the CFA’s payment can be upward of $35,000, depending on the type of franchise the investor purchases.
  • If your client selects Triton to finance the transaction, your company fee structure ranges from 1% to 2.5% of the total loan amount sourced. CFAs receive their commission payment once their client is fully funded and pays all closing fees.
11. Do I need any special license to work as a Certified Franchise Advisor?

Certified Franchise Advisors need no special license. They are independent contractors providing sales referrals. As a CFA, you will not have any fiduciary responsibility in the purchase or funding transaction. There is also no Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance required. If you live in either New York or Washington state, you may have to register your business and pay a nominal annual operating fee. However, each state has different requirements and we ask that you check your state and local permit office at the time you obtain your business license.

12. What support does Triton provide?

We assign a senior staff member to each CFA. This staff member provides ongoing coaching and mentoring at each step in the start-up phase of your business until you close your first deal. You can also take part in a staff-moderated forum to exchange ideas and best practices with other CFAs. Our staff includes a support network for you, including prospecting for potential clients, financing the client’s franchise purchase, and closing each deal.


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