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If you are looking for…

a flexible, home based business that allows you to earn a very high income with
the support of an experienced team at your fingertips and
the Financial Freedom you have been seeking…

Becoming a Certified Franchise Advisor might be the answer.

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A Veteran

Looking for the Right Business Opportunity

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Seeking Financial Freedom by Becoming Their Own Boss


Looking for Additional Income and Financial Independence
If you want to build long term wealth, gain financial freedom and be your Own Boss without the risk of “Going It Alone”, then this program is for you…

Building a new business concept takes large sums of money and resources, a lot of personal time and effort, education or expertise in that industry, and no guarantee that with all that work your business will still exist 5 years from now.

Getting into an industry that is already established and growing, that has exceptional future income potential both domestically and internationally is how to make money in this new century! We know you are thinking – What does this mean? What industry will allow me to earn a high income, travel, make money by networking all while enjoying the freedom and support needed to achieve my financial goals? The answer is becoming a Certified Franchise Advisor in the Franchise industry. Franchising has been a proven business model for years, and is an industry that continues to create new millionaires.

Stop worrying about your future and start controlling your financial destiny today!

Buyers who are already looking to purchase a franchise need help to determine the right Franchise that fits them best. Why shouldn’t you earn large sums of money helping these Buyers and Franchise Owners connect with each other?

Franchise sellers are looking for qualified, ready-to-buy, and able-to-buy franchisees. They are willing to pay Certified Franchise Advisors top dollar when a buyer is awarded their franchise and completes the sale. The BEST PART: You will make the money on these transactions, while having a professional team at your fingertips, supporting you to locate, evaluate, finance and close these Buyers for you!

There is a Growing Demand for Franchise Advisory Services
Working with Triton will provide you with the proper training and support to build a successful Business Franchise Advisory company. Our job is to guide you along the path while helping you gain the experience and industry knowledge that will ensure your success. Contact us today to find out if becoming a Certified Franchise Advisor is right for you!
Take Control of Your Financial Future Today!
Benefits of Franchise Advisor Business Ownership:

The home based business model provides increased profits. Operating from your home office has low overhead, and the business tax deductions allow you to keep more of your hard-earned profits.

Flexible work schedule - Meet and talk to clients on your schedule, which doesn’t have to be 9 to 5.

Ongoing access to qualified leads. No Cold Calling or Hard Selling. At Triton, we provide our Certified Franchise Advisors with pre-qualified hot leads who are ready to purchase a franchise.

Support and training are paramount. You will receive ongoing support from our experienced team who has already walked this path and can guide you to success.

“Franchising will create 278,000 jobs for the U.S. economy." – International Franchise Association (IFA) Chairman, Aziz Hashim

Education has a cost, but wouldn’t it be better to choose a career with a quick return on your initial training investment in just 1 to 2 transactions guaranteed?

Ability to Travel domestically and internationally to meet with Clients.

A proven, flexible business model.


Recession-resistant industry - With so many opportunities in various industries, numerous people are always looking to invest in a franchise business.

Why Triton?

Triton supports its Certified Franchise Advisors so they can become experts in:

  • Placing the “Right” client with the “Right” franchise while generating great returns
  • The ability to source investment capital for clients to quickly purchase their preferred franchise
  • Our Certified Financial Business Advisory Services has helped clients rapidly reach their business financial goals.
Triton is a Direct Lender

One of the major reasons that prevent most new franchisees from taking the leap to owning a franchise is THE INABILITY TO ACCESS THE NEEDED FUNDS.  They don’t have the investment required to successfully purchase the Franchise of their choice.

Triton Franchise has solved that problem.  We are direct lender, providing buyers with the funding they need to purchase the right franchise all while working directly with the client to ensure they are put in a position to be successful. The Certified Business Franchise Advisors who work with Triton can also receive an additional level of compensation for the loans that close with Triton. This allows the Certified Business Franchise Advisors to obtain additional income for each closed transaction. We call this program the “Close Deals Everyone Wins More Money Model.”

Triton Has FT Support Staff
Triton’s staff has been in the franchising industry for several years, working with clients who need financing and additional financial advisory services support, ensuring that our clients become profitable and stay profitable.  Once you complete Triton’s Certified Franchise Advisory Training, a mentor is assigned to you who will guide you through each step to properly set up and grow your Business Franchise Advisory Company.
Triton’s 3-Step Process Will SUCCESSFULLY TRANSFORM Your Life.

Now is the TIME to take Control of Your Life!

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Wealth Building Course

  • Wealth Builder Training Guide and Templates
  • Two One-Hour, Personalized, Live One-on-One Training Sessions with a Franchise Specialist
  • One-Month Business Development Coaching with Senior Staff
  • Pre-Qualified Franchisee Leads
  • Quarterly Franchise Newsletter for One Year
  • Learn the Proprietary Methods to Make $5,000 in 30 days or less
  • 30-Day “Action Plan” to Build a 6-Figure Business

Live 2-Day Course

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  • Hotel Accommodations Included
  • Access to Weekly Webinar Training Sessions
  • Assistance to Customize and Develop a Marketing Plan
  • Business Set-up Assistance
  • Business Development & Coaching with Senior Staff for Three Months
  • Pre-Qualified Franchisee Leads
  • Quarterly Franchise Newsletter
  • Custom Business Website
  • Learn the Method to Make $100,000 in Your First Year in Business
  • Live Monthly Marketing Strategy Sessions for Six Months
  • Access to Business Credit Building Program
  • Learn How to Purchase a Franchise by Using Triton’s Private Investors
  • Access to Triton’s Wealth Building Franchises