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How does franchising work?  A franchise is an entire operating system for a business. An investor buys a franchise and operates it according to the franchisor’s model. It’s how industry leaders like McDonald’s, 7-11, Anytime Fitness, and Flickr work. Franchising is a proven, established business model that has made many franchise investors into multi-millionaires.

How can I help people find the best franchise opportunity? The United States is home to about 750,000 individual franchise businesses. Entrepreneurs often choose franchise ownership instead of starting their own business from scratch because franchises earn more money, provide collaboration opportunities, have higher success rates, and are more fun to operate. The trick is choosing the right franchise. That’s where you come in.

What is a Certified Franchise Consultant? As a trained franchise consultant, your job is to help investors choose the best franchise for them. Inexperienced franchise buyers need a knowledgeable, responsible advisor who can direct them away from potential hazards as they consider where to invest their hard-earned dollars.

How do I make money? Franchise sellers are looking for qualified, ready-to-buy franchisees. Your job as a Certified Franchise Consultant (or Franchise Advisor) is simply to connect the right buyer with the right seller.

Sellers pay Certified Franchise Advisors (CFA) top dollar when a buyer is awarded their franchise and completes the sale. The best part? You make money on these transactions while having the help of Triton’s professional team right at your fingertips.

How much can I earn? Many of Triton’s Certified Franchise Advisors earn in the high six-figures. Through our Deal a Fortune Program, CFAs can also receive an extra level of compensation for the franchise loans that close with Triton.

Who succeeds as a Certified Franchise Consultant? Anyone committed to hard work and willing to partner with Triton can build a consistent and lucrative business. Veterans, Retirees, and Entrepreneurs have found great success as a Certified Franchise Advisor. In addition, Triton is a Veteran-Owned Business dedicated to helping Veterans and other Entrepreneurs live better lives while building long term wealth.

Learn How You Can Take Charge of Your Financial Future

There is a Growing Demand for Franchise Consultants

Triton will provide you with a level of training to help you get your Franchise Consulting business operating and profitable in short order. Plus, our team offers ongoing support to ensure your business succeeds. Think of us as your guides, coaches, mentors who support and assist you while you gain experience and industry knowledge. Is becoming a Certified Franchise Consultant right for you? Contact us to find out!

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Benefits of Becoming a Certified Franchise Consultant:

Triton's low-overhead, home-based business model can provide tax deductions so you can maximize your hard-earned profits.

Flexible work schedule - Meet and talk with clients on your own schedule.

Enjoy ongoing access to pre-qualified leads and marketing programs. No Cold Calling or Hard Selling. Triton helps you develop a personalized Business Marketing Plan.

Receive ongoing personal coaching from our experienced Client Support Team.

“Franchising will create 278,000 jobs for the U.S. economy." – International Franchise Association (IFA) Chairman, Aziz Hashim

Quick return on your initial training investment in just 1 to 2 transactions.

Enjoy the opportunity to Travel domestically and internationally to meet with Clients.


Work in a recession-resistant industry. Franchise ownership and franchise consulting are proven, flexible business models that thrive even in economic downturns.

Why Triton?

Triton supports its Certified Franchise Consultants so they can become experts in:

  • Placing the “Right” client with the “Right” franchise while generating great returns
  • The ability to source investment capital for clients to quickly purchase their preferred franchise
  • Our Certified Franchise Consulting Services have helped many clients reach a High 6-Figure Income.

Triton is a Direct Lender

One of the major reasons that prevent most new franchisees from taking the leap to owning a franchise is THE INABILITY TO ACCESS THE NEEDED FUNDS. They don’t have the investment required to successfully purchase the Franchise of their choice.

Triton Franchise has solved that problem.  We are direct lender, providing buyers with the funding they need to purchase the right franchise all while working directly with the client to ensure they are successful. The Certified Franchise Consultants who work with Triton can also receive an additional level of compensation for the loans that close with Triton. This allows the Certified Franchise Consultants to have an additional stream of income for each successfully closed transaction. We call this program the “Deal a Fortune Program,” where the Certified Franchise Consultants earn more money during the normal course of closing a transaction.

Triton Has FT Support Staff

Triton’s staff has over two decades of combined experience in the franchise industry, working with clients who need financing and additional financial advisory services support, ensuring that all our clients become profitable and stay profitable. Once you complete Triton’s Certified Franchise Consultant Training, a mentor is assigned to you who will guide you through each step to properly set up and grow your Franchise Consulting Business.

Triton’s 2-Step Process Will TRANSFORM Your Life.

Begin your journey to Financial Freedom and a Higher Income today by selecting one of Triton’s two business development options below.


CFA Franchise Training Program

~Study At Home~

  • For a LIMITED TIME – Only $297.00
  • Wealth Builder Training Guide and Templates
  • Two One-Hour, Personalized, Live One-on-One Training Sessions with a Franchise Specialist
  • One-Month Business Development Coaching with Senior Staff
  • Marketing Plan Development Strategy
  • 30-Day “Action Plan” to Build a High Income Business
  • Free Shipping Included


Live 2-Day Course

~Invitation Only~

  • Hotel Accommodations Included
  • Access to Weekly Webinar Training Sessions
  • Assistance to Customize and Develop a Marketing Plan
  • Business Set-up Assistance
  • Business Development & Coaching with Senior Staff for Three Months
  • Pre-Qualified Franchisee Leads
  • Custom Business Website
  • Learn the Proprietary Method to Make $100,000+ in Your First Year
  • Live Monthly Marketing Strategy Sessions for Six Months
  • Access to Business Credit Building Program
  • Learn How to Purchase a Franchise by Using Triton’s Private Investors
  • Quarterly Franchise Newsletter

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